Offering subscribers what they actually want

In saturated Pay TV markets, acquiring new subscribers can be difficult and costly. This means that selling new and additional services to subscribers, and increasing ARPU, is a key route to operating a more profitable service for many operators. Operators already have a number of tools at their disposal to help define which services to sell to which subscribers, and how. Combining these with the subscriber and viewing data that we provide can make this process more effective, and provide a new and valuable input into an operator’s upsale efforts.

upsellWe can support the upsell process by:

  • Using the return path data as an input into an operator’s pricing and price elasticity models or conjoint analysis, or as the basis for a new tool of this type.
  • Identifying niche content that performs particularly well within certain demographics, and using that to upsell packages.
  • Offer matcher – our bespoke tool to match the best upsell offer to subscribers, based on their viewing habits. The tool can dynamically update, based on how viewing behaviour changes.
  • Comparing ARPU and viewing to help define which subscribers are most likely to upgrade their packages.