Subscriber Acquisition

Subscriber Acquisition

We help operators to use data about their existing subscribers to better attract new subscribers.

Operators can use return path data to help predict the behaviour of new subscribers, and aid acquisition by:

  • Segmentation and clustering: We can use viewing and subscriber data as the basis of a consumption-based segmentation of your customer base. Alternatively, the data can be mapped to an existing segmentation that you already have to add detail and granularity to it. Both approaches can help an operator learn about how the segments that they are most interested in, and how they can best target them
  • Viewer prediction: Operators can use return path viewing data to accurately predict the viewing of potential new subscribers; this can also feed targeting efforts.
  • Post-acquisition tracking: When an operator signs up a new subscriber, it can begin to learn usage patterns, and build up an overall picture of “new subscriber behaviour”. This information can be used to more efficiently target new customers via what they are most likely to be interested in watching.
  • Lookalike acquisition: An operator can see which of its existing subscribers are the most valuable, and create campaigns that are specifically aimed at this group within the wider market. This helps operators to focus on capturing the most potentially valuable subscribers.