Product & User interface optimisation

An operator’s user interface has changed from being an after thought, to one of its most important competitive weapons

Viewers that have smartphones and tablets now expect much more of the kind of advanced functionality that these devices provide, and the same ease of use, from their TV services. And OTT services are also raising the bar in terms of the way video services are used.

Online services and websites can see exactly how their users use their services, and gain invaluable insights into how to iterate or change their services in the future to better meet user demands. Return-path data brings this dynamic to the set-top box, too. Operators can use the data to:

  • Identify the most commonly used keys on the remote control and how they are used.
  • Set-up and analyse conversion funnels for PPV and other services.
  • Measure the impact of new user interfaces (and A/B splits) on viewing habits.
  • Get the most accurate idea of how viewers use their services, and use this to more efficiently iterate their future services.