Helping operators profit from OTT

OTT presents huge opportunity, and much greater complexity for operators. OTT can mean new customers and revenue streams, but operating OTT services in tandem with their core linear services

We work with operators to use data to answer their key OTT questions:

  • Cannibalisation: How can operators grow their service without taking customers from their own core (/more profitable services?) And how should they window their content to minimise this?
  • Loyalty: In an OTT environment, how should operators tackle loyalty differently to their main services?
  • Content:What content works on OTT, and what does not?
  • Audience: How does the audience and usage profile differ between markets and service types?
  • Devices: How do viewers migrate between using different devices?
  • Subscriber patterns: How do viewers move between shows and channels in an OTT environment; how does this differ from linear?