Helping operators reach their programatic future

TV advertising is changing, and programatic is going to be a big part of its future. But while the destination may be clear, how the industry gets there – and when – is not.  And operators want greater returns from advertising now, not in 5-10 years’ time.

We help Pay TV platforms that operate their own channels, or sell advertising on behalf of others, can take their first steps towards using data to help them grow their advertising revenues.

We help operators take some of their first steps towards programatic selling:advertising

  • 360 degree selling: Helping operators to accurately sell de-duplicated audiences across their their linear, VoD and OTT services
  • Drive prices, and improve yield, by selling behavioural segments
  • Data matching to allow operators to target and sell audiences on its platform based on online behaviour.
  • Re-targeting their platform audience online via online retargeting