The real value of data lies in how companies use it to make better decisions.

At Genius Digital, the roll-out of our tools and products is only the start of our relationship with our customers.

Our experienced team of industry and data experts helps our customers use data to solve the most pressing issues operators and broadcasters face – including churn reduction, the ability to upsell services more efficiently, subscriber acquisition, or bolstering their position in the advertising market.

Making Use of Data

Learn more about how Genius Digital has helped operators and broadcasters in the following areas:


Reducing churn is one of the most important operational priorities for operators. read more


Helping operators use return path data for new customer acquisition. read more

Upsell and ARPU

Using subscriber and viewing data to support upselling products and services. read more


Presenting programme viewing across all devices, and via all delivery methods read more

Improving QOS

Measuring the quality of service from the end-users perspective. read more


Adding crucial layers to TAM panels through the addition of return path data. read more

Content marketing

Providing operators with a powerful tool to optimise their package make-up. read more


Providing operators with the data they need to negotiate carriage fees. read more

Subscriber Marketing

Helping operators understand how valuable subscribers use their service. read more


Enables operators to see how every connected subscriber uses their service. read more