Advanced Advertising for Operators

Advanced Advertising for Operators

TV advertising is changing, and programatic is going to be a big part of its future. But while the destination may be clear, how the industry gets there – and when – is not.  And operators want greater returns from advertising now, not in 5-10 years’ time.

With our Advanced Advertising suite of products and services, Pay TV platforms that operate their own channels, or sell advertising on behalf of others, can take their first steps towards using data to help them grow their advertising revenues.

Advanced Advertising for operators consists of four products that operators can use to work towards a more data-driven – and profitable – advertising future. They focus on some of the key first steps that operators need to take to get to this destination: segment selling, cross-platform selling, and retargeting from online to TV – and vice versa.

None of these steps are about investing today to grow revenues tomorrow. They require minimal infrastructure investment, and immediately allow operators to to sell more of their advertising inventory more profitably and efficiently.

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