We provide return-path data technology and services to TV and video service providers

Operators use our end-to-end service to collect viewing data from any device, cleanse it of errors and abnormalities, fuse it with other data sets, and use the data to take actions across the business

Collect: We collect viewing, consumption and clickstream data from every device a subscriber uses to watch TV or video

Cleanse: We removes errors and abnormalities from the data and normalises different datasets from different sources to provide a common set of viewing and consumption information

Fusion: We fuse the cleansed viewing and consumption information with other non-viewing data sets. This includes data that is “private” to the service provider (such as CRM information), and any publicly available datasets, such as credit rating data

Action: We work with customers to help them understand the data, presents it in various easy-to-use formats, and recommends courses of action based on the data that can help service providers to grow their businesses

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