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We provide return path data technology and services to operators around the world. Operators use this to reduce churn, acquire new customers, sell advertising, and more

New subscribers hold the keys to effective campaign targeting

New subscribers hold the keys to effective campaign targeting
Even in saturated markets where there is net churn from established operators it is possible to gain substantial numbers of new subscribers. The challenge is to plan a campaign that can plunder customers from your rivals while at the same time attract some who are new to pay TV.

Of course price is part of the equation but you are never going to be undercutting some of those emerging OTT providers with your mainstream broadcast packages. As always therefore it is all about the content and you need to identify the campaign most like… continue reading >

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Our products are divided into several distinct “modules”:

Content Insights

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Viewer Insights

Learn more about your subscribers than ever before read more

Ads and Promos

Enter the advertising market, or strengthen your position in it read more

Promo Booster

Accurately track the effectiveness of on-screen promotions. read more

Pay Per View Insights

See how transactional content is used on your platform read more

Viewer Engagement

Not just what subscribers watch, but how read more

Source Code Access

Use return-path data to power your own tools and models. read more

Real Time Monitoring

Software based, real-time network monitoring read more