How can data solve the sports viewing challenge?

Genius Digital Sports
If you believe everything you’ve seen written, sport on TV – often considered a last bastion for “traditional” TV in the face of more and more OTT competition – may be in trouble. Lots of stats are being bandied around: 2016 Rio Summer Olympics viewership down by 10% when compared to the London 2012 Games, for the English Premier League, early 2017 season ratings for matches on Sky Sports were down by 20%, and there are more deep-seated fears in the US, where NFL coverage has suffered a 10% decline in viewers this season.

But here at Genius Digital, we’re still bullish about sports. Let’s not forget – it’s still true that almost every successful Pay-TV operator has built its audience to a greater or lesser extent thanks to live sports, and millions of us still tune in to watch peak spor… continue reading >