We help the broadcasting and media industries use data to drive their businesses.

We provide return path data technology and services to operators around the world. Operators use this to reduce churn, acquire new customers, sell advertising, and more

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Putting TV data on the map

Putting TV data on the map
We freely admit that our sector of the market about taking actions from TV data is poorly understood – and equally freely carry our share of the blame for that. The TV vendor space is frequently heavy on jargon, but light on clear explanations. One of the commonest questions customers, and potential customers, ask us, is very simply – “How does this all fit together”?

So we’ve had a go at answering that. And on the basis that a picture is supposed to tell more than 1000 words, we have created a market map illustrating all the prin… continue reading >

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Product Summary

Return-path data technology and services. read more

Insights Platform

The beating heart of the Genius Digital service. read more

Multiscreen Data Service

A single analytics source for all of their applications. read more

Reports and Analytics

Allow simple deployment with industry-leading tools. read more

Data Science

Using datato help to solve a specific business problems. read more


Help you to better use data to save money, and drive revenue. read more

Real-Time Collection

Real-time collection and reporting of viewing data. read more

Audience Panels

Collect data from a fully representative sample. read more