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We provide return path data technology and services to operators around the world. Operators use this to reduce churn, acquire new customers, sell advertising, and more

Content Insights can cut carriage fees

Content Insights can cut carriage fees
The acrimonious disputes over carriage fees in the USA between some of the networks and pay TV operators are common knowledge in the industry. Rather like bitter divorce suits they end up costing both parties with as so often lawyers being the only winners.

Less well known is that pay TV operators at least can save themselves a small fortune by knowing exactly how many people are watching these channels it has shelled out money for.

We are talking not so much about blockbuster sports and movie content where operators are usually… continue reading >

Our Products

Our products are divided into several distinct “modules”:

Content Insights

Grow content revenues and profitability. read more

Viewer Insights

Learn more about your subscribers than ever before read more

Ads and Promos

Enter the advertising market, or strengthen your position in it read more

Promo Booster

Accurately track the effectiveness of on-screen promotions. read more

Pay Per View Insights

See how transactional content is used on your platform read more

Viewer Engagement

Not just what subscribers watch, but how read more

Source Code Access

Use return-path data to power your own tools and models. read more

Real Time Monitoring

Software based, real-time network monitoring read more